11 Tips to Consider When Hiring an Electrician

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tips to consideir when hiring an electrician

Hiring a good electrician for your home is paramount to ensuring the safety and functionality of your house. In similar articles, we’d give you a few tips on dealing with a few minor issues about common home issues, but electrical problems are dangerous and should be handled by a professional only. Said that, we will discuss how to hire an electrician who is the right fit for your home.

Tips to Consider

We’ve compiled 11 electrician hiring tips for you, going by the order of importance:

1. Insurance and license

Never hire an electrician without credentials. Make sure you’re hiring someone who has earned their license to work in the field. Electrician work is dangerous, so seeking qualified professional electricians with liability and workers’ compensation insurance to cover when accidents happen is important for your and your home’s safety.

2. Safety

    Electricity is unforgiving and potentially lethal, so hire responsible electricians with the proper gear, follow safety protocols, and have a clean safety record to work on your house, even if you have to pay extra to do so.

    3. Experience, specialization, and reputation

      Shortlist electricians with experience; this is important, especially when dealing with more complex electrical systems. Ask an electrician about their time in the business and their specialization. You could also ask around your family and friends to find a reputable electrician who has done previous work for them, chances are that they have someone that is likely to deliver quality results.

      4. Figure out contracts and estimates

        Before agreeing to any work, understand total estimates and have a contract made to protect both you and the electrician. Never rely on just spoken words; this is a surefire way to have costly disagreements down the road, so write out everything and reiterate the details on paper.

        5. Check reviews

          Check their online reviews from platforms such as Yelp or Google to get an idea of what to expect from the electricians you’re hiring. What could look like a qualified, professional electrician might be hard to work with, according to customer reviews. Look for patterns in feedback and pay attention to how the electrician responds to negative reviews. This can help you gauge their professionalism and customer service.

          6. Watch out for hidden costs

          Be wary of electricians who give unrealistic or vague estimates. They could be trying to rip you off by trying to upsell you extra services you do not require, so make sure the costs add up before any sort of work, or you’ll be surprised by a bill for more than you initially needed.

          7. Availability

            Check their current availability and whether they can help sooner rather than later. Depending on the urgency of the electrical help that you need, the preferred electrician may be unavailable at those specific times, so it’s a good idea to have alternatives. Additionally, consider inquiring about their work hours and emergency services to ensure that you can access help when you need it the most.

            8. Discuss payment terms

              We established that it’s important to have a written agreement about the terms of collaboration. Figure out if there is any deposit, payment schedule, and what payment method they accept. This written agreement can help to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding in the future.

              9. Warranty

              A reputable electrician stands proudly behind their work, and they offer a warranty for both tools and the services that they provide you with. You’ll be at peace of mind knowing that if any defects happen, you can refer back to warranties. So ask about the warranty terms and duration to understand what’s included.

              10. Up-to-date knowledge

                Good electricians stay up to date with technologies and electrical codes; they invest in themselves by continuing their education and training to stay up to date. Look to see if they have recent certifications or are sitting on a degree from 15 years ago, it’s in the small details.

                11. Discuss clean-ups

                  Electrical work can get messy, so speak beforehand about clean-ups afterward. A good electrician (or just about any good worker out there) takes care of the mess they leave behind.


                  Hiring a qualified electrician is essential to ensure the safety and proper functioning of your electrical systems. By following these tips, you can confidently choose an electrician who prioritizes safety, transparency, and professionalism. Remember, thorough research and open communication are key to a successful and stress-free electrical project.

                  Consider someone with all of the above tips in mind, and the hiring process for an electrician is going to be a simple process.


                  1. My electrician has done a poor job; what should I do?

                  Talk to your electrician first, voice your concerns, and explain what you’re not pleased with. If you’ve followed our tips regarding having written agreements, you can refer to that and consider seeking a mediatory or legal solution.

                  1. I need to save money, can I attempt to fix a few electrical problems myself?

                  Electrical problems are seriously dangerous to tackle yourself. To avoid serious electrical burns and injuries, limit DIY to lightbulb changes at most and hire an electrician for everything else.

                  1. When is it a good idea to have a professional electrician inspect my electrical system?

                  For newer homes (last ten-fifteen years), then once every ten years suffices for most, but if you rent your home or have an older home, then once every five years is enough.

                  1. What should I do in case of an electrical emergency?

                  Turn off the main power source as quickly as possible, if you’re not near the main power source, evacuate and call emergency services immediately. 

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