How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

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Fence Installation

Almost every building has its private property that must remain inviolable. That’s why fences were created. The fences serve to define the lines of a property. They serve almost like a state border, where they divide to know which land belongs to whom. However, this is not the only reason. Fences are great for owners who want to have privacy, security, or good aesthetics in their home or business property. In an economy where everything has its cost, we must understand well how a fence can provide us with the three features that we mention above. Properties are different, so the fences are not all the same. They differ from the material, the space, the height, the work, and, of course, what affects our pocket the most, the costs.

Understanding Fence Installation Costs

It should be well understood that not all fences that we can see have the same price. You may have the same fence material as your neighbor, but how much a fence installation costs differs because you or they may have more land space. So when we say that fence installation costs must be well understood, we mean that several factors affect their total price.


According to Forbes, the cost of installing a fence ranges from $1,600 to $7,000 and even more. However, the average is up to $3,300.


To understand what can increase the cost of installing a fence, we must consider these elements:

  • The size of your property
  • The material with which you decide to build it
  • Fence style/shape
  • The labor – of course, everything is installed by hand, so the place where a fence is installed increases the cost;
  • State, as the price differs even within the US

Overview Of Common Fence Materials

The types of fences are mostly divided based on the material they use. Their cost is determined based on the material and the function they perform.

Material fence types


  • Wooden Fences, Bamboo Fences, Farm Fences (can also be made of other materials)


  • Chain Link Fences, Wrought Iron Fences, Aluminum Fences


  • Vinyl Fences, Composite Fences


  • Stone or Masonry Fences


  • Electric Fences (material can vary, categorized by function)

Material costs

Remember that these are only average prices; however, their cost increases based on their function. For example, Electric Fences in the base are more affordable, but by adding maintenance, electricity, and the function they perform, the final cost increases significantly, with that being said, here’s a list of a general idea of the pricing to expect:


  • Chain Link, Electric


  • Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Bamboo


  • Composite, Wrought Iron, Stone/Masonry

How Much Does A Fence Installation Cost, Really

We mention only ten types of fence installation. Of course, there are more types, but these are the ones that are used most commonly. 

By classifying them based on the material and the basis they have. The “linear foot” measure rates all fence materials.

We want to reiterate that these are not fixed prices because not all companies install the fence at the same cost. This applies because, in the free market economy, prices can be set by the company based on their availability, demand, and supply, especially when some companies work with better materials. 

That is, all this depends on how good the material is of the company that you will contract to understand how much the fence installation costs or may cost you.

According to Forbes, these are the fence installation averages:

Aluminum or Metal

  • Average cost start from $30 to $50 per linear foot;


  • Average cost starts from $20 per linear foot;


  • Average cost starts from $5 to $20 per linear foot.

Meanwhile, you can see the average of each material or style we mentioned above. Likewise, even here, they are measured in linear feet:

Wooden Fences

  • The cost ranges from $15 to $30 per linear foot.

Vinyl Fences

  • The cost ranges from $20 to $45 per linear foot.

Chain Link Fences: 

  • The cost ranges from $10 to $40 per linear foot.

Wrought Iron Fences: 

  • The cost ranges from $25 to $35 per linear foot.

Aluminum Fences: 

  • The cost ranges from $20 to $55 per linear foot.

Farm Fences: 

  • The cost ranges from $0.1 to $30 per linear foot.

Electric Fences: 

  • The cost ranges from $0.13 to $45 per linear foot.

Bamboo Fences: 

  • The cost ranges from $15 to $25 per linear foot.

Stone or Masonry Fences: 

  • The cost ranges from $30 to $50 per linear foot.

Knowing these prices, the size of your space, and the height you want, you can more or less calculate how much fence installation would typically cost you.

How Much Does a Fence Replacement Cost?

Of course, when you already have a fence and you don’t need a complete installation, you only consider replacing it. Fence replacement occurs when your fence is outdated, damaged by an object, or even the weather itself. However, fence replacement is also done when you just want to add detail to add aesthetics or increase your home security.

Below, we have shown the average of how much a fence replacement costs. This data is based on the material and not their styles. 


  • Wood Fence Replacement: Here, it makes a lot of difference what style or model of wood you have and how you want to replace it. However, the price ranges from $10 to $70+ per linear foot.
  • Metal Fence Replacement: Metal fence replacement costs differs whether it’s chain-link, wrought iron, aluminum, etc. However, its average starts from $10 to $100 per linear foot.
  • Stone Fence Replacement: Replacing a stone fence is one of the more difficult tasks. Because stone is a stronger material, it is harder to create and change the current design or add new elements. So, stone fence replacement starts from $50 to $150 per linear foot.
  • For other types: There are other costs. For example, with their complexity, electric fences can go from hundreds to thousands of dollars in costs.


However, we advise you not to take any of the prices for how much fence replacements costs set in stone because, as said before, companies set prices on their own as they see fit. Of course, though, these are good estimations to start with.

Cost To Replace One Side Of A Fence

Replacing just one part of the fence is the best way to preserve your current fence. When a part of your fence is damaged because you accidentally hit it with your car bumper, it’s a good idea to replace it as soon as you can so that the damage does not spread. By being prepared for and caring for fence defects, your fence will be long-lasting.


But if you are wondering how much it might cost to replace one side of your fence, then look at the prices per linear foot we have set above. Only one part of the fence cannot cost too much if you have an enormous garden. Therefore, the replacement of only one part doesn’t cost much.


By examining the costs of materials per linear foot, you can easily determine the approximate cost of replacing just one side of your fence.

What To Consider?

Before you install or replace a fence or even just a part of it, make sure you have carefully considered the way you want the work to be done. Many of us start doing something without looking at good examples. So, before you contract a company for your fence, ensure you know what you like and what suits your fence. Also, don’t skip consulting with a professional. They have the experience and knowledge to know what is most suitable for the space you have or the type of fence you have.


Also, make sure that the company you have contracted has the best quality of materials. Be warned, however, cheap prices can cost you more because they wear out faster.


Please be aware of the limits of your property: do not touch foreign property. Make sure that your fence does not exceed a foreign  property. This may cause you problems with your neighbor, and you may be forced to tear down the part where you overstepped the fence.

To Conclude

A fence is never an expense but an investment. Because it brings you more safety and comfort in your garden and home. The fences ensure that you, your child, or your pets are not endangered by the external dangers that we may encounter. So, in a world where security and peace are luxuries, fences give us exactly that.

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